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We have a variety of offers that you can present in your application’s install path to turn install traffic into a revenue opportunity.

Our suite of Ask® and alternative themed search applications provide easy access to popular sites and content as well as key search and browsing functionality to bring monetization to our partners. These applications are maintained by our team of engineers to ensure compatibility with new OS and browser versions as they're released, so they remain active and trouble-free.


Key Features

  • Offers convenient access to search functionality to drive more queries

  • Localized for all major languages with competitive performance metrics worldwide

  • Provides online radio, shopping deals, links to common websites, and more via widgets

  • Supports major browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) on Windows and Mac OS X

  • Customizable to your needs

Advertiser Offers

Tapping into our partnerships with brand name software providers, you can get paid to promote other applications in your install flow by integrating with our offer platform.

Key Features

  • Access a large network of major brands providing additional revenue potential

  • Have confidence that all advertisers are stringently reviewed to ensure compliance with highest industry standards for business practices and privacy protection

  • Enjoy freedom from viruses as offers are scanned against all major AV platforms


Distribution Opportunities

Have an application and are looking to grow your user base? Bid on our offer platform to get quality installs from our network of publishers.

Key Features

  • Set up campaigns for specific countries or a worldwide audience

  • Target your offer by OS, browser version and a number of other elements


Custom Search Solutions

Do your users generate search requests? Partner with APN to provide them with a rich search experience while getting paid for the traffic.


Key Features

  • Relevant and comprehensive search results for user queries

  • Pioneer in providing "Smart (i.e., Direct) Answers" for common questions

  • Best of breed query disambiguation tools to help end users find answers as efficiently as possible

  • Customizable to embed 3rd party content and meet your specific needs

  • Localized for top languages

  • Includes alternate search channels such as images, videos, and recipes


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