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The Ask Partner Network launcher makes it easy for operators and device makers to provide a consistent user experience across all of their devices. From intuitive application categorization to customizable themes, our launcher is focused on providing users with a delightful out-of-the-box experience. We've also built in features such as app drawer configuration and promotional areas to provide you with a distinctive, branded product. Finally, we've introduced monetization through search, app recommendation, interactive marketing campaigns, and theme upsells to help you develop new revenue streams.


Intuitive application categorization and customizable themes

Key Functionalities:

Search Widget

Device and web search

Give your users the power to search the web, and their device, from a single search box right from their home screen. Instant suggestions from the web as well as from the device’s installed apps, SMS messages, contacts, documents, music, images, video and calendar events are provided as they type. Or if preferred, they can search without typing with voice search.

Designed to assist with searching and discovering new content, the Search Widget is also enhanced with a cards experience. Cards focus on content and app discovery so users can search less while discovering more!

Partners have the option to include a promotional card for their offers and upsells.


Key Functionalities

Web search powered by

Voice search to speak instead of type queries

Instant suggestions from the web and the device's installed Apps, SMS messages, Contacts, Calendar Events, and more

Search history displayed for easy access to past queries

Content and app discovery cards including Trending News, World News, Entertainment News, Sports, Question of the Day, Weather, Game Downloads and more

Multi-language support


Browse faster, search instantly

Offer your users the ability to browse the mobile web with speed and efficiency without sacrificing features like tabs, bookmarks and private browsing with our lightweight browser.

Users can find and enjoy the best of the web, along with recent searches and visited websites, all suggested as they type from a single omnibar. And, when they find something they like, we make it easy for them to bookmark it for later or share it with others without having to leave the page.

Your browser can be customized to have your own look and feel and custom bookmarks.


Key Functionalities

Full screen browsing

Search suggestions & past history


Data optimization features

Private browsing with Incognito mode

Multi-language support

Lock Screen

Engage and monetize users

Create value at the starting gate for any mobile device user: the lock screen. This unique lock screen gives your consumers an easier way to search and launch apps and sites—right from their start screen—no unlocking needed. With customizable backgrounds and options for tab display, your customers can personalize their lock screen to make it their own.


Search and content discovery right on the lock screen

Enable your customers to:


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